Plumbing & Electrical

Every person, household, office or contractor has a need for a reliable plumber or electrician at some point or another. Most rely on a word of mouth basis to find someone to attend to their needs at an affordable rate and with a quick response, but you never know who will be knocking at your door after you put the phone down.

Nodd’s can attend to all your plumbing needs on a 24 hour basis, including emergency call out’s for geyser replacements or burst pipes.

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Saniflow Plumbing

Nodds is 1 of 3 preferred installers for Saniflo macerator pumps. With Saniflo’s unique system you can put a bathroom anywhere even in the most unconventional places. A Saniflo can fit in your basement, in a closet, under the stairs or anywhere without breaking the floor. Saniflo, with its unique macerating system is the perfect solution for any space that has plumbing issues.

What is macerating? Macerate’ means to soften or to split in pieces. The Saniflo macerating systems use a revolving cutting blade to dissolve human waste and toilet paper. When mixed with flushing water the waste is pumped into a sanitary sewer as fine slurry.